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Welcome to fashion shows for the people!

Typical fashion shows are out of reach for people not living in the main fashion capitals.  

Luxe Local brings global fashion to localized regions and introduces local design into the global conversation in a fresh, new and entertaining format.

Visional App

A gathering of consumers, press, social media, industry, business and non-profit stakeholders.

Visional is the local shopping app focused on apparel, fashion and other high consideration products.  By having our fingers on the pulse of local fashion, style and retail trends we're elevating shopping to be more meaningful and efficient for consumers.

You can now be a part of this new movement in a creative and diferentiated format, unlike any other promotion or advertising.

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Visional App

Improving animal welfare in shelters

Tens of thousands of healthy cats and dogs are put to sleep every year, or turned away due to lack of space and resources.  The balance between in- and out-flows remains large and this causes tremendous suffering on the animals we love so dearly.

We love animals and are passionate about helping shelters help more animals and in better ways.

A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to local and other organizations working towards the same goal.